Ibiza retreat  workshop Zenmax Tuning Natural 2015

MartriX - TheFeel founders Ron Nansink and Nadja Kotrchova 

offer you their decades of practical experience in longevity and ancient body orientated mindfulness disciplines like martial arts, qigong, and meditation. MartriX - TheFeel has 20 years experience in organizing international ZenmaX Natural Tuning workshops for the private sector, the corporate world and organizations.

They have a long history in training and researching internal martial arts and related forms of self-improvement and their practicality in modern life. Ron and Nadja are innovators and concept developers for the fitness and health industry. They developed the Vital Skills concept which unites spiritual, mental and physical training into oneness. 

Their motto about the feel of natural flow in innovating business concepts is:

“If you take away the blockages, vitality will flow by itself.”

The same motto they use in ZenmaX Natural retreats, workshops and seminars, it’s all about getting rid of the blockages, spiritually, mentally or physically. To reach our goal we use proven methods from a variety of oriental disciplines and contemporary body and mind work. 

As MartriX - TheFeel we did work with thousands and thousands of people and hundreds of companies and organizations, what we experienced most during our training, is that unconscious routines block their progress and a chance to change. If you cleanup the blockages which keep you from reaching your goals, the change to change improves greatly. 

It’s still hard work but TheFeel offers you practical tools to reach your goals, physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s all about harmonizing body, mind and spirit and restoring the human essences of health, happiness and love.

Nicely put in to words in an old Taoist proverb about the feeling of life:

“Clear serenity and joyous harmony are the human essences, standards and guidelines are regulators of affairs."

When you know the feel of human essence, you develop yourself spontaneously without violating it; when you know how to regulate affairs, then your actions will not be chaotic. To give out one directive that disperses endlessly, unifying all through one organ this is called heart. To see the root and thereby know the branches, hold to the one and thereby respond to the mani fold, this is called art. To know the reason why you are living where you are, to know where you are going when you are going somewhere, to know what means you are depending on when you work, and to know where to stop when you act, this is called following the feel of life.

TheFeel offers you holistic spiritual awareness training for longevity by sustainable thinking, living and working. It melts your tuned physical, mental and spiritual elements into one organic whole, in which all individual parts strengthen each other.

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