Property Shrink

Ever sensed that the energetic feel of your exclusive home or business property on Ibiza isn’t quite reflecting your idea of the vibrant and inspiring ambiance you have in mind? 

House Doctor and Property Shrink at Ibiza, to clean up your energetica noise!

You may find yourself busy renovating, restyling or redecorating, but are still unable to give your property the ambiance and feel you want? Time to call in the Property Shrink, to analyze the 'state of mind and body' of your private or business property!                                 

Why a Property Shrink?
Sometimes previous owners or residents of your property have left for traumatic reasons that involve pain, suffering, regret or other negative emotions. Leaving their ‘absorbed memories’ negative energy behind when they physically moved on. Or perhaps your property has ‘absorbed’ emotional turmoil from your own life such as a divorce, grievous arguments, sickness or death of a loved one. 
Whatever the reason, clearing emotional memories from your property frees you from the discomfort and misery of current or former residents.

Of course there are plenty of sources of energetic noise like: Building materials, including glass windows, parasitic electromagnetic fields produced by electronic devices, art like  photo’s, paintings and statues, Minerals, fossils, meteorites, and crystals, gardens with commercial plants and even trees. 

The Property Shrink uses contemporary Feng Shui a kind of Biometeorology, to adjust the energetic climate of your luxury home or yacht, commercial real estate, disco club, restaurants, shop, office, etc.

After clearing the property from electromagnetic noise and blockages, the natural flow of energy gets a chance to the Feel of the real Ibiza. Also available via NT Skype consult …

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A fully grown natural garden is a treasure and the fountain of life for any property. But commercial plants and trees are more or less cloned decoration products, looking good, but with a low or no energetic value. So it can happen that you are the most natural source of life in a beautiful garden, leaking energy into the garden instead of getting energized by it. Read more …..

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