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Taikiken Natural Tuning workshops in the Czech Republic, Autumn week, 2025

CZ Taikiken ZenmaX Natural Tuning 2017

Taikiken Natural Tuning, train in and with nature, as Takiken is meant to be, optimize your natural inborn skills, and apply them intuitively. Taikiken is not only effective as a martial art but can be applied in everything you undertake in your daily life.

The Japanese call it 'Shinrin-Yoku' - ‘Forest bathing' and forest air not only feels fresher and better, phytoncide inhalation seems to improve your immune system functionally. It is proven that it reduces your heart rate and blood pressure, reduces your stress hormone production, boosts your immune system, and improves your overall feeling of well-being.

'Kangen ryoku,' training with the omnidirectional forces in nature. Relaxation by effort, intense moving, and at the same time de-stressing your hectic modern life.

Taikiken Natural Tuning workshops - Czech Republic 2025: Autumn week.
Workshop location: Hotel Zamecek, Hrensko, Czech Republic.

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A whole new mode of body & mind experimentation. From experience, we know that staying and training in inspiring, energetic environments like Ibiza or the Czech Rep. get you out of your stressy everyday rock and roll and put you into a whole new mode of body & mind experimentation. Given the freedom to explore new and different forms of self-awareness in a magic tropical location, most of you will make wonderful transformations in your personal life and professional life.

After the retreat, you can share your broaden holistic awareness with friends and loved ones to improve their health and happiness!

Taiki Kanso – the legacy of zen

Kanso is one of the eight zen concepts alongside fukinsei (asymmetry), seijaku (silence), shizen (naturalness), koko (austerity), datsuzoku (freedom from worldly attachments), yugen (subtle profundity), danshari (decluttering) and wabi-sabi (beauty in imperfection) and modern forest bathing shinrin yoku.

Taiki Kanso is Natural Tuning is a contemporary form of Shizen Chousei, letting nature do the job. Ki, Kiko.

Ki, kiko, is to achieve equilibrium within so that it can be achieved without and brings about harmony and serenity - a state of enlightenment. To master ki is to master kiko and reach the level of "furen shuten," where our bodies and mind become symbiotic with ki to the highest level possible in life. This is the point in which a master of kiko, ki and marital arts controls ki instinctually and naturally.

It should be stated that kiko is an effort to reestablish our human condition where the qualities, perceptions, sensitivities and other mental/physical faculties are returned from being lost due to the course of civilization's development in the industrial and now internet ages. It is a method by which kiko gives us access to the primitive instincts/qualities that we need in survival and interconnectedness of all things in the universe. Read more…..

Kintsugi the art of precious scars, heart

The Art of Precious Scars – Kintsugi

Japanese know an art form and philosophy of life called Kintsugi: the art of precious scars. By repairing broken ceramics with precious metals, it’s possible to give it a new lease of life and it becomes even more refined, thanks to its “scars”. Kintsugi teaches that broken objects are not something to hide but to display with pride. This philosophy creates the question, of how alike we are to this as humans with all of our scars, mistakes, lessons, and wisdom we learn in this thing called life. How often, we as humans do hide the scars that make us who we are today? I have always believed that where we are right now, personally and professionally, is a result of all the choices, lessons, and mistakes we’ve learned and made along the way. Our scars make us stronger and more beautiful and why not display these “gifts” in the same way kintsugi displays the art of precious scars. Read more about Kintsugi…..

ZenmaX Body Orientated Mindfulness - Embodied Knowing in Flow-motion
ZenmaX, the art of embodied, experiencing, opens awareness of: What happens when you live adventurously on the edge of feeling, moving, and thinking?
You unleash the unlimited power of an open heart to unbridled feeling, moving, and thinking, communicating directly with the omnidirectional forces!
Ibiza Natural Tuning retreat, a masterclass in simpleness ;-) 
Location, Ibiza, Spain


ZenmaX - active holidays
Natural Tuning - Ibiza longevity retreats, workshops & seminars to fine-tune your original Self with internal martial arts, taikiken tai chi, qigong and meditation!  ZenmaX offers you a holistic wellness concept that stimulates the integration and the use of internal strength and gut feeling in your private and professional life. You will improve your longevity, health, and happiness by utilizing the felt sense of your inborn natural instincts and talents! 

ZenmaX broadens up the awareness how inner-strength (or the lack of it) interacts with the people around you and the environment. Experience how your physical, mental, and spiritual being creates a unique social footprint of by thoughts and interactions. Invest in your future, give yourself a luxury retreat time-out, just you because deserve it, nothing is more important than improving your health and happiness! 
The ZenmaX trainers guide you to harmonize inner and outer strength, your base for longevity, and a healthy and happy life. 
ZenmaX offers you decades of practical experience in internal martial art training, combined with contemporary management training and intuitive coaching. This diverse blend of ancient martial arts, contemporary body & mind work, and Taoist philosophy therapeutic experience, provides a dynamic learning sphere for personal growth and self-renewal. 

Looking for a luxury Ibiza yoga retreat, a qigong, Zen meditation, mindfulness, or detox week? The October/November ZenmaX Natural Tuning retreat offers an all-in-one experience at an energetic magical location!

ZenmaX Natural Tuning retreat on Ibiza, end of October or beginning of November 2025

ZenmaX Longevity - the Alchemist Life Style
The retreat program offers internal martial arts, Tai Chi and Taikiken, Taoist Qigong exercises, Baduanjin, Yoga-stretching, meditation, longevity, and breathing exercises. Healthy food, raw power bites, and detox smoothies! 

Ibiza active holidays, ZenmaX Natural Tuning retreat, October/November 2025. Read more about the Ibiza retreat …
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Your ZenmaX personal trainer - mentor In consultation with a personal trainer or mentor, you can make a tailor-made program. Together with your personal trainer, you fill in your “to-do wish list”, something you alone maybe don’t have the strength and motivation for. Personal Training

ZenmaX longevity, the alchemist lifestyle, teaches how you to add quality years to your lifespan. It’s not just about adding extra years to your life but improving the health and quality of the years still to go. Living a ZenmaX alchemist life style means that you collect the right ingredients for healthy living, like food, exercise, work, relaxation, philosophy, environment, etc., and melt them into a golden elixir to energize longevity!

ZenmaX on Taoism While training and traveling in Asia, we brought together various books about martial arts, qigong, meditation, and self-improvement. likes to share some of this rare material with you all.  Free Taoist pdf files …

ZenmaX Baduanjin qigong Life depends on physical motion, exercises are necessity for life. Exercises for Health and Longevity have absorbed the guiding theory of ancient Chinese medicine and the experience of doctors and health experts through centuries.

ZenmaX Skype consulting, no matter your location in the world, we (Ron Nansink and Nadja Kotrchova) are always available via Skype, WhatsApp or Email, for Natural Tuning coaching and consulting. Consulting lets us help you restore your original Self with all your primordial feelings, and advise you on how to deal with your tiring acquired habits and addictions, job demands, and daily stresses.

Zenmax Property shrink Ever sensed that the energetic feel of your exclusive home or business property on Ibiza isn’t quite reflecting your idea of the vibrant and inspiring ambiance you have in mind? You may find yourself busy renovating, restyling or redecorating, but are still unable to give your property the ambiance and feel you want. Time to call in the Property Shrink, to analyze the ‘state of mind and body' of your private or business property!

ZenmaX on Selfness Reclaiming your original you is the greatest gift to your self. Part one of the triptych introduces you to the basics of selfness. The Warrior's Journey is a challenging real-life spiritual game! Enjoy the adventure!
We love to play Games; they can greatly improve our physical mental and spiritual skills. However be warned, there are a lot of people among us who take our mutual world as their personal playground. They willingly or unwillingly involve you in their private games, risking your precious selfness, health, and happiness.  Reclaiming selfness 

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