Ibiza retreats. Part two of our blog triptych about reclaiming your Selfness

Selfness, reclaiming your original you is the greatest gift to your Self. Part two of the triptych the Taoist point of view on selfness. The Warriors journey a challenging real life spiritual game! Enjoy the adventure!

It is the dormant strength (Tao) which lives within you, and never force itself on you, but which is always willing to support you in creating a higher level of existence. To perceive this dormant strength and to hear the silent force of your inner inspiration, there is a lot of necessary work to do. In essence, you have to give up all your conditioning and morphology even your common knowledge to become a harmonic part of the Whole. Life is abundance by nature; the only variable is our capacity to receive that abundance. This capacity is fully ruled by a variable: who and what your Self thinks to be. What do you consciously and unconsciously belief about your Self? How does that unconsciously lead to Self-sabotage and Self-weakening? 

How do you slowly cut your Self off from the abundance of nature, life itself?       

By allowing your mind no own (Self) choice, but leaving the choice largely to others, will result in, that your material form, your body will be shaped by others as well.

That is why it is utmost important to place ‘Own choice is worth thinking’ high in your warrior standard.  An old Chinese Maxim says: If your mind is in the right setting, your life follows suit.    

Zhuang Tzu, a Taoist scholar, said: Martial Arts do indeed enter Tao, although the Martial Arts are just a small Tao, people can hardly realize, that its academic theory is endless. Of all those who study these arts, only those who have a natural and unaffected mighty spirit and lack the Qi of frivolity and arrogance towards worldly affairs, can be compared to the sages and thus are worthy to learn these arts. Mind-Body combat sciences like Intuitive Boxing, Taikiken, Yiquan, etc. are focused on cultivating a natural and unaffected mighty spirit, I think that is where we can make great progress. 

The ‘spiritual game’ of fitness. The next breakthroughs in athletic performance will come not so much from muscle bulk and skeletal strength as from a skillful combination of physical training and the use of such neglected powers of the mind as concentration, meditation, visualization, and inner sensing. Inner work turns our attention to the development of what we may call inner technologies.

Conditioning, morphology and attention asking memories block a natural, unaffected spirit, every form of intuitive perception and spontaneous natural reactions.

There is such a thing as emotional rubbish; it is produced in the factories of the mind. It consists of pain that has long since passed and is no longer useful. It consists of precautions that were important in the past but serve no purpose in the present. 

The warrior has memories too, but he learns how to separate the useful from the unnecessary; he disposes of his emotional rubbish.

A companion says: ‘But that’s part of my history. Why should I eliminate feelings that marked my very existence?

The warrior smiles, but he does not try to feel things that he not longer feels. He is changing, and he wants his feelings to keep pace with him.

What is freedom?

Nothing else then overgrowing the resistance of your personal and collective human conditioning. Who wants to be free, must wake up and that demands much courage. It is, however, an unknown freedom to judge nothing that appears in your perception. You live without resistance. You can really perceive, really listen.

Lao-tzu: ’The Sage lives without resistance, and so nobody can resist him.’

Opposite: Who is not free cannot communicate. Who is not free only knows a weak  reflection of what real communication is. And that is valid for 95% of us. Most of us do not perceive: we judge. We  express opinions. We reason something away. We justify. We talk and talk, without coming to the point. We compare, consciously and unconsciously, everything with what we already know.  We constantly say : that is good and that is wrong, that is this and that is that. Opinions, opinions, opinions. All opinions can be brought back to convictions and is a form of  ignorance and insecurity. Becoming free of your past is becoming free of your conditioning.

Taoist rituals for self-management, cleaning and health:   

Deep within us lives a stranger, someone unknown, our other I, our forgotten I,  a stranger who sees our origin via the never exposed roots of our energy.

Our other I see everything in the light of its natural connection because that is the way it serves the purpose of your own inner view. Do not choose, let everything be chosen by your natural connection.

Natural intuition is the master of awareness.
If you strive for manners, you polish your nature and fade away your feelings; you eyes can desire  something, but they are constrained by measures; you heart can be crazy about something, but you are restricted by ‘your’ manners. Your behavior is  reserved and restricted, humble and submissive; fat meat you do not eat, and good wine you do not drink.  

Outwardly you are restricted to your attitude, inwardly you are worried about your virtues, and so you suppress the harmony between yin and yang and hinder your natural feelings of life itself. Therefore, you will stay a sad person for your whole life. Why? Because you forbid yourself what you desire, without trying to get into the roots of the how and why of your desire. You avoid that what you enjoy, without trying to find out what you enjoy. Manners, hinder feelings and block desires; by disheartening yourself with sense of duty, even if your feelings and your heart are choked and oppressed, and suffers your body and from hunger and thirst. You keep forcing yourself with the thought of necessity,  so you never can live your natural life. Manners cannot take your desires away, but they can suppress them. Even if you make everyone so scared for punishment that they do not dare to steal, how can you compare that with taking care that people do not have one single desire to steal?  If you use hot water  to keep the kettle from boiling, it will only make it boil more if you understand the nature of the matter you just remove the fire.

An ancient path to Self management 

This method improves directly your feeling of self-respect and self-control, since you are doing it all by yourself and for yourself, you create a written picture of your  inner life, you expose your situation to clear out all the noise. The intuitive writing method is an extremely effective tool to release the unwanted past with ‘fire’, you formulate your deepest emotions into words and write them down on paper.

Strengthening the immune system

A physical advantage is, that your immune system gets much stronger if your body is only occupied by yourself. The more awareness you bring into your body, the stronger your immune system becomes. It is like every cell becomes present and enjoys itself. Your body loves your attention; that is why it is such a powerful tool for Self healing.

The Taoist writing ritual works in all fields of self-recapturing and self-healing, thus also for work, career and at a more intimate expression of life like love.

A proven ancient Taoist cleansing ritual, releasing the past with fire, a warrior path to re-conquer your original Self.

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