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ZenmaX co-founder Ron nansink

ZenmaX Body Orientated Mindfulness - Embodied Knowing in Flow-motion

ZenmaX, the art of embodied, experiencing, opens awareness of:
What happens when you live adventurously on the edge of feeling, moving and thinking
The unlimited power of an open heart
Unbridled feeling, moving and thinking, communicating directly with the omnidirectional forces!
Wondering where do new feelings and thoughts come from? 
Wondering how do you go from what you feel and know what you don’t  feel and know? 
Or from what you don’t feel and know what you feel and know?
Zenmax let you experience TheFeel of the soul of a person, place or social environment.
Zenmax is a playful combination of Taoist psychology, internal martial arts and contemporary awareness training. 
ZenmaX focuses on emotional detoxification of the body, mind and spirit by deleting strength asking emotions and memories. 
ZenmaX offers a unique awareness training combination of standing Zen meditation and martial art exercises in flow-motion to strengthen and calming your central nervous system. 
ZenmaX develops your mindfulness step by step, it shows you, experientially, that bodies can make new sense, can come up with statements, ideas, words, and phrases that speak freshly, compellingly, and provocatively. Given this understanding, ZenmaX allows you to examine concepts such as, the body, situation, and language Trinity to theorize about them in new ways. ZenmaX suggests an approach to knowing that explains how bodies, situations, and language develop together, an approach that has far-reaching health, philosophical, and social, implications. 
ZenmaX as we present it, is our attempt to make it accessible to all forms of sports, wellness and personal development, physically mentally and spiritually. 
Zenmax creates the new sense, of saying something fresh from all that came before and from all that lives within you, is a bodily one, in other words, knowing is embodied. Your human body does not exist in isolation. You are enmeshed in situations, and both situations and human bodies are shot through with language. 
It is from within this interconnectedness of bodies, situations and language that a theory of embodied knowing is derived. You know your situations by living in them, it is your body that inform you of what is going on at any given moment? Your body implies and comes up with your words and actions. It knows the situation and the language. All day long, it is a body sense that you know what you do and say, what situation you say it in, and how it makes sense. In other words, it is not just with your mind or your eyes that you perceive phenomena, but with your living, sensate body. ZenmaX introduces the awareness that your body is not merely a machine, we want rather return your body to its rightful position in the realm of knowing. ZenmaX wants to show you how the body functions all the time in situations and how it is out of or from your bodily sense of situations that you speak and create. 
We want to argue that it takes all three operating together—body, situation and language, for human beings to create meaning.
"Body, situation, and language," "imply each other, but that means that you cannot do with less than all three. The functions of the human body are not reducible to those of a separated situation and separated language.” 
Living in any situation, you basically know how to proceed, how to make sense, and how to move forward without stopping to think about it. You know because you have a bodily orienting sense that knows the whole of each situation and, in fact, far more aspects of it than you can ever think or say. It is this bodily orienting sense that you draw on to guide you as you live your life, usually without realizing it. Once you recognize the way the body functions within situations and with language, you can turn to it often as a source of new knowledge. It happens when doing kata’s in karate, a Tai Chi form, Asana in yoga, dance routines, or expressing your feelings in art objects. Simply said, you are an embodied being; your body is central knowing and speaking; while your common language creates separations among body, situation and language, in actuality they function together and always imply steps, new possibilities in speaking and knowing. In the philosophy of ZenmaX, body, situation and language, are inextricably linked; they are all of a piece. Experientially you only come to know and articulate your understanding of anyone through your being fully in each of them together.
ZenmaX will improve your awareness of physical, mental and spiritual actions of all routines in daily life.
Experienced through the Body Orientated Mindfulness integration in management training and personal coaching, ZenmaX makes you aware of your most hidden strength asking emotions and memories. The next step will mindfully observe them, and cleanse them! What are this deeply hidden energy consuming emotional and memory blockades! Think of them like emotions and memories of situations that have occurred during your life and nestled themselves somewhere deep within. They are often labeled with the emotional load of the real happening, even when they occurred decades ago. When the emotion or memory pops up, your central nervous system relives the original occasion. This can cause a split-second emotional short circuit, as a fear or doubt. Hence, it also can throw you physical, mental or spiritual of balance for a longer period, like a burn-out or depression! Imagine, by the time you are an adult, your body hosts thousands and thousands of these dormant emotions and memories, ready to disturb your peace when you or someone triggers them to wake up. Hidden emotions and memories can fight each other, team up against you as their host, or focus on the person or persons who triggered them. Strength asking memories can have physical, emotional and spiritual backgrounds, they can be carried forward from generations to generation! Even it may be that essential life qualities or positive emotions are not innate and influence your natural flow by their absence. In short, energetic blockages are often polarized emotions and memories of past events that you were involved in, events that you labeled with your positive or negative feelings at that moment! Emotions and memories with mixed polarities, asking and giving, can bring your natural flow of body, mind, and spirit in dis-balance and disturb your here and now! 

“If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him.” ~ Hippocrates

Want to start with ZenmaX, cleaning your blockages now! The whole trick in ZenmaX Body Orientated Mindfulness is not to learn or to do, but to unlearn and to undo! Cleaning and cleansing what keeps you from being the original you! 

Want to work intensively on your Self join our Natural Tuning retreat at a powerful location on Ibiza! Get your mojo working, experience the magic charm of the abundant forces of Ibiza!
Ibiza will put a magic charm on you, a kind of mysterious, exotic - erotic elixir that will rejuvenate your mojo ;-)

“If you clear your blockades your Qi will flow naturally!” Wang Xiangzhai

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Zenmax Body Orientated Mindfulness, Natural Tuning retreat Ibiza

ZenmaX Ibiza, Body Orientated Mindfulness, during an internal martial art and qigong workshop at Afke magical yoga retreat at Casa Gazebo, autumn 2014. Especially for people who train Yoga and Healing Tao, it is important to experience the energetic interaction with other people and nature. They are solely focussed on walking their inner path of spirituality, get more and more introvert as they progress, sometimes they find it difficult to reconnect to others and their natural surrounding. In ZenmaX Natural Tuning workshops we focus on giving strength to all directions and receiving strength from all directions! Occupying your natural space, and the more you give to it the more you get from it!

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