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Ibiza Natural Tuning Skype consults for self rehabilitation and inner strength.

ZenmaX Body Orientated Mindfulness consulting now on Skype!
ZenmaX, the art of embodied, experiencing, opens awareness of: What happens when you live adventurously on the edge of feeling, moving and thinking?
The unlimited power of an open heart
Unbridled feeling, moving and thinking, communicating directly with the omnidirectional forces!

  • Wondering where do new feelings and thoughts come from? 
  • Wondering how do you go from what you feel and know to what you don’t  feel and know? 
  • Or from what you don’t feel and know to what you feel and know?

Zenmax Skype consulting, guide you to experience TheFeel of the soul of a person, place or social environment.
Zenmax Body Orientated Mindfulness is a playful combination of Taoist psychology, internal martial arts and contemporary awareness training. 
ZenmaX focuses on emotional detoxification of the body, mind and spirit by deleting strength asking emotions and memories. 
TheFeel Natural Tuning consulting/mentoring via Skype or WhatsApp, no matter your location in the world, we (Ron Nansink and Nadja Kotrchova) are always available via Skype, WhatsApp or Email, for Natural Tuning coaching and consulting. Consulting lets us help you restore your original Self with all you primordial feelings, advise you on how to deal with your tiring acquired habits and addictions, job demands and daily stresses. Consulting allows us to create sound physical, mental and spiritual goals for achieving your optimum energetic health by making your original Self top priority in life. When you are functioning from your original Self, with all your inborn qualities,  you are more likely to achieve your goals and ambitions more effortless and more natural.

So start today! After you purchase your Skype or WhatsApp consult, you will receive an e-mail with a Natural Tuning Seven Bodyguards questionnaire to evaluate your feelings about the current situation. During the first consultation, we will discuss your current Selfness status, private and workplace stresses, lifestyle challenges and your goals. The overall idea of this initial talk is to get a good feel of your situation! To find out your blockages and frustrations and discover what you want to achieve with these sessions. The Natural Tuning Seven Bodyguards questionnaire that you receive have to be completed before the first consultation as this is our departure point.​

Each consultation will build on the previous one. So, we will coach you through a Natural Tuning and Self-Rehab traject, focusing on the importance of Selfness, nutrition goals, and useful exercise. Each Natural Tuning and Self-Rehab traject is tailor-made for you only. The ultimate aim is to get tuned with your original Self, and your internal strength, the motor power of a successful and healthy life.

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Price per NT Skype consult is 30/60 euro per 30/60 minutes. 

Skype Natural Tuning Consult

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