Body Orientated Mindfulness on going along and reversal!

The whole trick to restore you original Self is not to to learn or to do, but to unlearn and to undo! Stop going along, start going reverse! Start cleaning and deleting what keeps you from being you!

            “If you clear your blockades your Qi will flow naturally!” Wang Xiangzhai

Most people are familiar the path of “going along” but not the path of “reverse operation.”

What is going along? It means going along with the natural process of life. What is reversal? It means reversal of the natural process of life. Going along with the natural process of life gives birth to human beings and other living creatures, the cycle of birth, aging, sickness, and death never ceasing. Reversing the natural process of life creates enlightened persons who are neither born nor perish, having a lifespan equal to that of the universe. 

Ordinarily, after people are born, as they grow up they become imbued with temporal conditioning; inwardly emotions and desires distract them from reality while outwardly objects and events tax their bodies. They take the false to be real, take the aberrant to be correct, take the misery for pleasure, following their desires to any lengths, they deplete their original vitality, energy, and spirit almost to the point of exhaustion, and thoroughly obscure their inherent round and bright true essence, unwilling to stop until they die. As a result, they undergo birth after birth, death after death, sunk for myriad aeons; this is what is called oneself to one’s death even without having been called by the king of death.


People of great wisdom reverse the operation of the natural process, not molded by yin and yang, not compelled by myriad things, not changed by myriad conditions. Planting lotuses in the fire (Planting lotuses in fire comes from the Taoist tradition. It means to be in the world ethically and creatively without being coerced by the negative influences of the world. You participate in the world (plant those lotuses) without getting lost in the many negative possibilities (without getting burned).

To be able to plant lotuses in the fire, we must acquire certain practices and skills that keep us active on the creative path and not so easily distracted away from it.

It helps to know what negative influences are coercing you away from the creative or spiritual path. How are you coerced from living an initiated life? Is it alcohol or drugs, reruns, gossip, food, economy, false gods, self-doubt or distrust that coerces you? Or are you over-committed, depressed, . .fearful?

Let’s each work on planting that lotus in the fire today by taking at least one step away from the distraction and one step toward planting), hauling a boat through mud and water, they make temporary use of things of the world to practice the principles of Tao, by human Tao completing the celestial Tao.                             

They uproot the mundane senses conditioned by history and sweep away all acquired influences. They rule their destinies and are not ruled by fate. Restoring the whole original being, they avoid compulsive routine, transcend all worlds, and become incorruptible. 

But this celestial mechanism of practice reversal in the midst of accord has a secret that is communicated verbally and transmitted mentally; one seek the guidance of a real teacher, for it cannot be known through arbitrary guesswork.

Students all over the world use their own meager light and narrow views, memorize a few sayings, ponder a few mystical stories, and think they know the Tao; seeking no further guidance, they become charlatans, self-appointed preachers who are blind themselves and take in others who are blind. It is wrong doing this.

There are also mixed-up people who cannot recognize true teachers and go from one imbecile to another learning a few minor techniques and imagine they have the Tao; then, when enlightened people appear before them, they are unwilling to humble themselves to learn. They perform various practices at random: some consider descent of the energy in the heart and ascent of the energy in the genitals to be practiced and reversal, some consider the circulation of energy up the spine and down the front of the body to be the practice of reversal; some consider sending the vitality up to boost the brain to be practice of reversal, some consider holding the breath and steadying the spirit to be the practice of reversal; some consider taking the sexual energy of the woman to vitalize men to be the practice of reversal; some consider having the man below and the woman above to be the practice of reversal. There are thousands of such methods; they are all contrary to the path of sages and are not reserve operation of the natural process. They are all way to death, not to life.

What people do not realize is that the reversal means going back to the origin of life.  It is is like someone who has left home and gone far away turning around and returning home. Although it is called reverse action, in fact it is action in accord with principle, so it is great accord with reversal. It is called reversal because it g contrary to the course of action of ordinary people. Those who have taken to auxiliary methods, with all intricacies, have been confused by the word reversal and have to come to do all sorts of practices in the physical sphere. In the end, they will fall into emptiness. Is this not foolish?

Merging with the ordinary world, harmonizing illumination

Round to respond to the outside – Square to govern the inside

Merging with the ordinary world, people do not know you; harmonizing illumination, the Tao is easy to complete.

Merging with the ordinary world and harmonizing illumination is the function of the great hermit who is concealed in the city. Merging with the ordinary world means mixing with the people without letting them know of one’s inner state; harmonizing illumination means harmonization without imitation, being in the world yet transcending. When able to mix with the ordinary world and harmonize enlightenment, one is outwardly round and able to respond to people while inwardly square and autonomous. Using the phenomena of the world to practice the principles of the Tao, one may appear and disappear; rebel and conform, without hindrance; then practice of Tao is very easy. The ignorant who do not know this sometimes imagine that merging with the ordinary world, and harmonizing illumination means dealing with affairs in the daytime and practicing quietude at night. This is wrong. This might be called following the ordinary world but not merging with the world; it may be concealed illumination, but not harmonizing illumination. Merging with the ordinary world and harmonizing illumination has the power to take over the evolution of heaven and earth; it is the secret by which one can appropriate the vivifying and killing of yin and yang. It is not easy to know and not easy to do.

Ibiza retreats. Part one of our blog triptych about reclaiming your Selfness

Selfness, reclaiming your original you is the greatest gift to your self. Part one of the triptych introduces you to the to the basics of selfness. The Warriors journey a challenging real life spiritual game! Enjoy the adventure!

We love to play Games; they can greatly improve our physical mental and spiritual skills. However be warned, there are a lot of people among us who take our mutual world as their personal playground. They willingly or unwillingly involve you in their private games, risking your precious selfness, health and happiness. 
You should ask yourself: Do I live a life of my own, or are others pulling the strings? Try to figure out in which strategic games of others: lovers, family, friends, employers and governments, you unwantedly and unconsciously play a manipulated role. Find out how much precious life force, happiness and imagination that cost you.
Free yourself from all unwanted Matrices with Real Life Spiritual Games the ultimate challenge for every freedom fighter. 
Real Life Spiritual Games, combine ancient and contemporary Combat Games in which Martial Arts and Chinese philosophy take up the battle against dominating, barbarous or gunny societies.
A warrior always search for inner strength and the greatest inner strength to be re-claimed is your inner power of imagination free of all enforced imagination of others. 
The mantra for warriors is: Own choice is worth thinking! But what is still your own choice, and what level of freedom of thinking is permitted? Personal freedom turns out to be subtle and fragile concept. 
Playing games with others Self, some peoples favorite daily activity, is not only risky, but also very unethical hobby. 
As a Warrior, you are alert about your acts and deeds and strive with silent strength for freedom and selfness.
Industries and governments often operate out of a Matrix on the edge of mine and thine. 
Many great thinkers of the past brain-quaked their minds on this unethical behavior. 
We need refreshing brain-quaking minds and independent sources of information to Explore new paradigms to re-think our thinking. 

“A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.” David Bohm 

The Now, is a collection of rules known as the Matrix, an imaginary compilation of our combined human thinking.  
How much choice do you really have, if you really want to be free? The ancient Taoist were convinced, that they had only one life, in the Now and that everything happened in that Now. History has brought us all the rules and regulations; the past is gone, but the rules stayed. Our modern Now is a manipulated version of our past, history repeats itself in a modern pretend.
The goal is to expose and liberate yourself  from habits of the collective global mind, so that you are not just replaying tired assumptions and beliefs but thinking new thoughts and creating new neural networks together.
Taoists also had to deal with rules and habits of their social and cultural Now, so they strived for total freedom within the system. 
A difficult task if you understand that the most important rule of the game is tolerance, your freedom stop where others freedom start, and others freedom stop where yours start. 

It seems easier to protect and respect the freedom of others, then to protect and respect freedom for your Self.  
The awareness of being honest to your Self, if your inner peace, freedom or health is taken away by others, is hardly developed. 
That is why Self-defense, by guarding your Self by showing and protecting your boundaries is an important focus for every warrior.
Self-defense is not only a way to inner peace, but also to protect the natural harmony with others we share this world with. 
If you are fully aware that you defend your valuable inner Self, then you also are fully aware, that others do the same. 
So the key for freedom and tolerance is that everybody must be able to be him or her Self without any form of coercion.

This consciousness, that billions and billions of different life forms of Self can live in Peace and Harmony together must come from deep within our intuitive awareness. You are so busy with surviving and keeping the ‘peace’ with your environment, that you do not get to real living. Surviving is a matter of much effort; real living comes from within and goes with effortless-effort. Effortless-effort is a characteristic of nature. 

If you live in harmony with the basic principles of Life, you get into a talented state, that nowadays we call FLOW.

Ibiza retreats. Part two of our blog triptych about reclaiming your Selfness

Selfness, reclaiming your original you is the greatest gift to your Self. Part two of the triptych the Taoist point of view on selfness. The Warriors journey a challenging real life spiritual game! Enjoy the adventure!

It is the dormant strength (Tao) which lives within you, and never force itself on you, but which is always willing to support you in creating a higher level of existence. To perceive this dormant strength and to hear the silent force of your inner inspiration, there is a lot of necessary work to do. In essence, you have to give up all your conditioning and morphology even your common knowledge to become a harmonic part of the Whole. Life is abundance by nature; the only variable is our capacity to receive that abundance. This capacity is fully ruled by a variable: who and what your Self thinks to be. What do you consciously and unconsciously belief about your Self? How does that unconsciously lead to Self-sabotage and Self-weakening? 

How do you slowly cut your Self off from the abundance of nature, life itself?       

By allowing your mind no own (Self) choice, but leaving the choice largely to others, will result in, that your material form, your body will be shaped by others as well.

That is why it is utmost important to place ‘Own choice is worth thinking’ high in your warrior standard.  An old Chinese Maxim says: If your mind is in the right setting, your life follows suit.    

Zhuang Tzu, a Taoist scholar, said: Martial Arts do indeed enter Tao, although the Martial Arts are just a small Tao, people can hardly realize, that its academic theory is endless. Of all those who study these arts, only those who have a natural and unaffected mighty spirit and lack the Qi of frivolity and arrogance towards worldly affairs, can be compared to the sages and thus are worthy to learn these arts. Mind-Body combat sciences like Intuitive Boxing, Taikiken, Yiquan, etc. are focused on cultivating a natural and unaffected mighty spirit, I think that is where we can make great progress. 

The ‘spiritual game’ of fitness. The next breakthroughs in athletic performance will come not so much from muscle bulk and skeletal strength as from a skillful combination of physical training and the use of such neglected powers of the mind as concentration, meditation, visualization, and inner sensing. Inner work turns our attention to the development of what we may call inner technologies.

Conditioning, morphology and attention asking memories block a natural, unaffected spirit, every form of intuitive perception and spontaneous natural reactions.

There is such a thing as emotional rubbish; it is produced in the factories of the mind. It consists of pain that has long since passed and is no longer useful. It consists of precautions that were important in the past but serve no purpose in the present. 

The warrior has memories too, but he learns how to separate the useful from the unnecessary; he disposes of his emotional rubbish.

A companion says: ‘But that’s part of my history. Why should I eliminate feelings that marked my very existence?

The warrior smiles, but he does not try to feel things that he not longer feels. He is changing, and he wants his feelings to keep pace with him.

What is freedom?

Nothing else then overgrowing the resistance of your personal and collective human conditioning. Who wants to be free, must wake up and that demands much courage. It is, however, an unknown freedom to judge nothing that appears in your perception. You live without resistance. You can really perceive, really listen.

Lao-tzu: ’The Sage lives without resistance, and so nobody can resist him.’

Opposite: Who is not free cannot communicate. Who is not free only knows a weak  reflection of what real communication is. And that is valid for 95% of us. Most of us do not perceive: we judge. We  express opinions. We reason something away. We justify. We talk and talk, without coming to the point. We compare, consciously and unconsciously, everything with what we already know.  We constantly say : that is good and that is wrong, that is this and that is that. Opinions, opinions, opinions. All opinions can be brought back to convictions and is a form of  ignorance and insecurity. Becoming free of your past is becoming free of your conditioning.

Taoist rituals for self-management, cleaning and health:   

Deep within us lives a stranger, someone unknown, our other I, our forgotten I,  a stranger who sees our origin via the never exposed roots of our energy.

Our other I see everything in the light of its natural connection because that is the way it serves the purpose of your own inner view. Do not choose, let everything be chosen by your natural connection.

Natural intuition is the master of awareness.
If you strive for manners, you polish your nature and fade away your feelings; you eyes can desire  something, but they are constrained by measures; you heart can be crazy about something, but you are restricted by ‘your’ manners. Your behavior is  reserved and restricted, humble and submissive; fat meat you do not eat, and good wine you do not drink.  

Outwardly you are restricted to your attitude, inwardly you are worried about your virtues, and so you suppress the harmony between yin and yang and hinder your natural feelings of life itself. Therefore, you will stay a sad person for your whole life. Why? Because you forbid yourself what you desire, without trying to get into the roots of the how and why of your desire. You avoid that what you enjoy, without trying to find out what you enjoy. Manners, hinder feelings and block desires; by disheartening yourself with sense of duty, even if your feelings and your heart are choked and oppressed, and suffers your body and from hunger and thirst. You keep forcing yourself with the thought of necessity,  so you never can live your natural life. Manners cannot take your desires away, but they can suppress them. Even if you make everyone so scared for punishment that they do not dare to steal, how can you compare that with taking care that people do not have one single desire to steal?  If you use hot water  to keep the kettle from boiling, it will only make it boil more if you understand the nature of the matter you just remove the fire.

An ancient path to Self management 

This method improves directly your feeling of self-respect and self-control, since you are doing it all by yourself and for yourself, you create a written picture of your  inner life, you expose your situation to clear out all the noise. The intuitive writing method is an extremely effective tool to release the unwanted past with ‘fire’, you formulate your deepest emotions into words and write them down on paper.

Strengthening the immune system

A physical advantage is, that your immune system gets much stronger if your body is only occupied by yourself. The more awareness you bring into your body, the stronger your immune system becomes. It is like every cell becomes present and enjoys itself. Your body loves your attention; that is why it is such a powerful tool for Self healing.

The Taoist writing ritual works in all fields of self-recapturing and self-healing, thus also for work, career and at a more intimate expression of life like love.

A proven ancient Taoist cleansing ritual, releasing the past with fire, a warrior path to re-conquer your original Self.

Ibiza retreats. Part three of our blog triptych about reclaiming your Selfness

A proven ancient Taoist cleansing ritual, releasing the past with fire, a warrior path to re-conquer your original Self.

How does the Taoist cleansing ritual works?
When in ancient China people got weakened or sick, they often went to see a Taoist master who urged them to start Self-regeneration and Self-healing to regain their natural health. The basic principle is to clean up the past from energy consuming memories and blockages, making use of ancient cleansing formulas. 

How to write the ancient cleansing formulas?
Preparation for writing the formulas: Take several sheets of paper, a pen or pencil, find a quiet and comfortable place to think and write, and start the cleaning job. You take three sheets of paper and mindfully ponder or meditate over your life history and write down in threefold all your bad habbits, addictions and weaknesses included the ‘mistakes’ which you made in your life or even still make.

Promise of improvement: 
And then you declare in written words, that you feel sorry for your bad behavior and promise yourself ceremoniously that you are willing to correct your bad habbits, addictions, weaknesses, and mistakes. You promise yourself not to repeat your addictions, weaknesses and mistakes, otherwise you punish your Self in the long run with unhappiness, sickness and even death.
This is the most severe form of promise, for lighter weaknesses and mistakes or if you are not so sure about your character decide then what punishment you can inflict on yourself. Avoid with incorruptible promises to repeat your past behavior. 

Delete health consuming qualities.
Some examples of exhausting or weakening behavior are: smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, drugs, gambling, sexual exhausting, desire to please, being submissive, work addiction, bad or unlimited eating and other health and life threatening habits.
After this you write down all your fears, grief addictions, and known sources of depression, you request them in writing to leave your bodies and deeper levels of awareness. 
The next step is that you write on the sheets of paper that you give all the energy of others back which you carry within you or around you to thier rightful owners. 
After that, you write down that you want all the energy back that you gave to others or that others wrongfully took away from you and keeping captive.
Check mindfully everything you have written down, and verify if the entries touch the essence of your deepest feelings and emotions.
If you are convinced that this is the best you can get on paper, you are  ready for the great energy regulating/transformation.

It is time to say goodbye to your bad habits, addictions and weaknesses!

How  to do this?

one form must be burnt and send to heaven by fire,

one form must be  buried in the earth,

one form must be sunk in the river.

In ancient and even in most modern cultures this are still the traditional and ritual ways (cremating, burying, and a seaman’s grave) of say farewell to a deceased, also known as someone who went out of time, out of the Now.
Burning, burying and sinking are deeply interwoven with our inner feelings and emotions as a farewell ritual for something we definitive part within the physical form.
Therefore the ancient Taoist cleansing ritual works so effectively, you ponder over your life, and actively say goodbye to memories that went out of time and matters that consume you energetically. 
If you feel that the original ancient trinity method is too much work, or if you are not in the circumstances to perform the ritual safely, then you can reduce the ritual to Release the past with fire. 
Ritually burning your past is the strongest form  and  it also works very well on its own.   

NOTE! In some Taoist sects, they even stress that it is very important to clear the weaknesses and mistakes of the last nine generations. This to clean your family karma, or your family tracks with all morphology, in which you quietly follow your past. For the real freedom fighters under you this is surely worth giving it a good thought.  

But it is important that you first clean up the Now and your direct vicinity, then you slowly go back into your own past and that of previous generations that still lie dormant within you. What you see/experience as the past is a memory track stored in your nerve system,  memories of a previous Now. If you remember the past, you start this memory track through which your nerve system will experience the past as Now, you can get scared and sad from something from the past, that does not any longer exist in the Now. In the beginning, you will notice that you regained enormous  amounts of energy and that new insights and ideas  apparently pop out of nothing.

In some Taoist trends, they even stress that it is very important to clear the weaknesses and mistakes of the last nine generations.

If you have cleaned up the first load of A 4’s with inner inconsistencies, there will be an unknown inner peace, and you will develop the for Martial Arts required natural and motionless mind. If you later notice severe reactions in your nerve system or mind, it will be easier to trace the source and neutralize it. You will notice that it will get more quit in your mind and body and that you can stay totally focused on the Now and enjoy it fully.

Be careful in your writing your formulas and think very well that he of she who can calculate it, decides what will happen and within your own life it better be you.

Be careful with the use of fire, use only fire on places that are suitable and safe to burn something without damaging your surroundings.

Taking responsibility for your action is the first step to self-mastery, so once more be careful.

If you change, this can have interfering influence on your surroundings!
Be well aware that family constellations and friend constellations, but also social constellations are often in a fragile equilibrium based on habits! If you are going to change yourself  radical, others in the constellation automatically have to choose new position and that can be very surprising in both directions.

TheFeel Property Shrink Ibiza - PSI

PSI is part of TheFeel’s holistic vitality program, internal and external equilibrium as a basis for health! 

TheFeel's holistic vitality program, internal and external equilibrium as a basis for health!

Ever sensed that the energetic feel of your exclusive home or business property on Ibiza isn’t quite reflecting your idea of the vibrant and inspiring ambiance you have in mind? 

You may find yourself busy renovating, restyling or redecorating, but are still unable to give your property the ambiance and feel you want? Time to call in the Property Shrink, to analyze the 'state of mind and body' of your private or business property!                                 

Property Shrink Ibiza, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program.

Why a Property Shrink?

Sometimes previous owners or residents of your property have left for traumatic reasons that involve pain, suffering, regret or other negative emotions. Leaving their ‘absorbed memories’ negative energy behind when they physically moved on. Or perhaps your property has ‘absorbed’ emotional turmoil from your own life such as a divorce, grievous arguments, sickness or death of a loved one. 

Whatever the reason, clearing emotional memories from your property frees you from the discomfort and misery of current or former residents.
The Property Shrink offers a unique form of contemporary Feng Shui,  called Natural Tuning, by neutralizing the energetic noise of the property, the Qi (natural vitality for longevity) can restore itself and flow freely again.            

Of course, there are plenty of sources producing adverse noise like:

Weak building materials, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program

Building materials, the use of toxic or energetically weak materials are often a source of feeling uncomfortable or weakening your immune system. There is an old saying: “First let an enemy life in the new house for ten years, then a friend for five years, after that it is save for you to move in.Of course you can avoid all this by choosing environmental toxic free construction materials, and build the house with the families health and happiness in mind and not just the look and the price.

Glass windows, asking and giving Ibiza, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program.

Glass windows have an unknown and peculiar property, they either reflect your body radiation or let it pass through creating a subtle draft. During a visit 25 years ago to the North China research center for infrared and laser in Beijing, they tested my theory that some windows reflect more body infrared then others even they are optical the same. The used their thermovision cameras to test this and the result was positive  Some windows showed up colder or warmer, at the same room temperature  All single glass, same thickness and same old, the engineers who also did a lot of research on qigong masters explained that windows have a polarity either reflecting your body infrared radiation or let it through. Adjusting the feel of the windows is part of the Property Shrink …

Electronic appliances, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program

Parasitic electromagnetic fields produced by electronic devices, WiFi, cellular telephones, computers, lighting systems, etc. Nowadays we have so many sources of electromagnetic radiation in our homes and at our workplace that we are under constant attack by invisible forces, asking a lot of attention from your immune system. 

Famous dark art, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program

Art, photo's, paintings and statues represent the state of mind and the power of imagination of the artist! Art can be positive and healing, but art also can be negative and tiring, absorbing your precious life force like a black hole. So choose art like you would choose your partner, feel what it does with you, does the feel of the art object strengthen you or do you get lost in it! Of course taste is very personal, and some people need a negative feel of something to boost their own negativity to feel better! Everything depends on your personality, and your polarity, you are reflected in what you radiate, the law of attraction. 

Mineral Quarts asking attention, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program.

Minerals, fossils, meteorites, and crystals are popular as a form of spiritual decoration, with the idea of neutralizing negative energy and healing. If you are not an expert, you have a fifty/fifty chance the result is the opposite, they absorb your precious life force. Minerals, fossils, Meteorites, and crystals are like the spices in food, they should be used with care and always in the right amount  and combination like in alchemism. There is a lot of ancient and contemporary knowledge about the subject, become your own Guru, research what suits you and your family most to have around in your living environment.

Property shrink ibiza , gardens, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program.

Gardens, fully grown natural gardens are a treasure and a fountain of life for any property. But commercial plants and even trees are more or less decoration products, looking good, but with of no energetic value. So it can happen that you are the most natural source of life in a beautiful garden, leaking energy into it instead of getting energized by it. 

The Property Shrink service uses contemporary Feng Shui a kind of Biometeorology, to adjust the energetic climate of your luxury homes, commercial real estate, disco clubs, restaurants, shops, offices, etc.

After clearing the property from electromagnetic noise and blockages, we use our Natural Tuning skills to give the natural flow of energy a chance restore itself. 
The Property Shrink service offers:

Translating the feel and purpose you have in mind for your luxury home or business property! We design an action plan to optimize your buildings, gardens, and persons (option) living and working on the property. Clearing unwanted, energies from you’re living or working space and reconnect the natural flow of energy to all corners of your property.Result: you’re living and working environment will be energetically adjusted, and the natural flow enhanced!
Enhance your home or your workplace by creating a balanced space, bringing nature more abundant into where you live and work.
Start in a new home with the purest and most natural energy you can have, providing for a reflecting “homey” ambiance. It’s always a good idea to energetically clean up your home before bringing in a newborn or sensitive little children into the house!
Having difficulties selling your property or want to increase the value? Property tuning will improve the feel and people’s reactions to your space definitely!
Indications of the need to cleanse and tune the property.The atmosphere in the living or working places feel uneasy or even unpleasant? 
This feel is often an accumulation of disturbing energies. 
These attention asking energies will accumulate in a variety of ways since we are perpetually creating external energies with our thoughts, intentions, emotions, words, etc. 
So there are plenty of situations that might ask for an energetic house tuning for your residence from time to time. 

Realizing that your physical actions, as well as your thoughts and emotions, affect your living and working environment, is the first awareness towards taking responsibility for what we energetically create around us.

10 Ways to Protect Yourself From NLP Mind Control

10 Ways to Protect Yourself From NLP Mind Control

Published by Jason Louv

Selfness, reclaiming your original you is the greatest gift to your self. Part one of the triptych introduces you to the to the basics of selfness. The Warriors journey a challenging real life spiritual game! Enjoy the adventure!

We love to play Games; they can greatly improve our physical mental and spiritual skills. However be warned, there are a lot of people among us who take our mutual world as their personal playground. They willingly or unwillingly involve you in their private games, risking your precious selfness, health and happiness. 
You should ask yourself: Do I live a life of my own, or are others pulling the strings?

How to write the ancient cleansing formulas?
Preparation for writing the formulas: Take several sheets of paper, a pen or pencil, find a quiet and comfortable place to think and write, and start the cleaning job. You take three sheets of paper and mindfully ponder or meditate over your life history and write down in threefold all your bad habbits, addictions and weaknesses included the ‘mistakes’ which you made in your life or even still make. To clean up 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one of the world’s most prevalent methods of mind control, used by everyone from sales callers to politicians to media pundits, and it’s nasty to the core. Here’s ten ways to make sure nobody uses it on you… ever.

“Neuro-linguistic programming” is a method for controlling people’s minds that was invented by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s, became popular in the psychoanalytic, occult and New Age worlds in the 1980s, and advertising, marketing and politics in the 1990s and 2000s. It’s become so interwoven with how people are communicated to and marketed at that its use is largely invisible. It’s also somewhat of a pernicious, devilish force in the world—nearly everybody in the business of influencing people has studied at least some of its techniques. Masters of it are notorious for having a Rasputin-like ability to trick people in incredible ways—most of all themselves.

How exactly does this thing work?

NLP is taught in a pyramid structure, with the more advanced techniques reserved for multi-thousand-dollar seminars. To oversimplify an overcomplicated subject, it more or less works like this: first, the user (or “NLPer,” as NLP people often refer to themselves—and I should note here that the large majority of NLP people, especially those who are primarily therapists, are likely well-meaning) of NLP pays very, very close attention to the person they’re working with. By watching subtle cues like eye movement, skin flush, pupil dilation and nervous tics, a skilled NLP person can quickly determine:

a) What side of the brain a person is predominantly using;

b) What sense (sight, smell, etc.) is most predominant in their brain;

c) How their brain stores and utilizes information (ALL of this can be gleaned from eye movements);

d) When they’re lying or making information up.

After this initial round of information gathering, the “NLPer” begins to slowly and subtly mimic the client, taking on not only their body language but also their speech mannerisms, and will begin speaking with language patterns designed to target the client’s primary sense.

An NLP person essentially carefully fakes the social cues that cause a person to drop their guard and enter a state of openness and suggestibility.

For instance, a person predominantly focused on sight will be spoken to in language using visual metaphors—”Do you see what I’m saying?” “Look at it this way”—while a person for which hearing is the dominant sense will be spoken to in auditory language—”Hear me out,” “I’m listening to you closely.”

By mirroring body language and linguistic patterns, the NLPer is attempting to achieve one very specific response: rapport. Rapport is the mental and physiological state that a human enters when they let their social guard down, and it is generally achieved when a person comes to the conclusion that the person they’re talking to is just like them. See how that works, broadly? An NLP person essentially carefully fakes the social cues that cause a person to drop their guard and enter a state of openness and suggestibility.

How can you make sure nobody pulls this horseshit on you?

I’ve had all kinds of people attempt to “NLP” me into submission, including multiple people I’ve worked for over extended periods of time, and even people I’ve been in relationships with. Consequently, I’ve developed a pretty keen immune response to it. I’ve also studied its mechanics very closely, largely to resist the nonsense of said people. Here’s a few key methods I’ve picked up.

1. Be extremely wary of people copying your body language.

If you’re talking to somebody who may be into NLP, and you notice that they’re sitting in exactly the same way as you, or mirroring the way you have your hands, test them by making a few movements and seeing if they do the same thing. Skilled NLPers will be better at masking this than newer ones, but newer ones will always immediately copy the same movement. This is a good time to call people on their shit.

2. Move your eyes in random and unpredictable patterns.

This is freaking hilarious to do to troll NLPers. Especially in the initial stages of rapport induction, an NLP user will be paying incredibly close attention to your eyes. You may think it’s because they’re intensely interested in what you’re saying. They are, but not because they actually care about your thoughts: They’re watching your eye movements to see how you store and access information. In a few minutes, they’ll not only be able to tell when you’re lying or making something up, they’ll also be able to figure out what parts of your brain you’re using when you’re speaking, which can then lead them to be so clued in to what you’re thinking that they almost come across as having some kind of psychic insight into your innermost thoughts. A clever hack for this is just to randomly dart your eyes around—look up to the right, to the left, side to side, down… make it seem natural, but do it randomly and with no pattern. This will drive an NLP person utterly nuts because you’ll be throwing off their calibration.

3. Do not let anybody touch you.

This is pretty obvious and kind of goes without saying in general. But let’s say you’re having a conversation with somebody you know is into NLP, and you find yourself in a heightened emotional state—maybe you start laughing really hard, or get really angry, or something similar—and the person you’re talking to touches you while you’re in that state. They might, for instance, tap you on the shoulder. What just happened? They anchored you so that later, if they want to put you back into the state you were just in, they can (or so the wayward logic of NLP dictates) touch you in the same place. Just be like, oh hell no you did not.

4. Be wary of vague language.

One of the primary techniques that NLP took from Milton Erickson is the use of vague language to induce hypnotic trance. Erickson found that the more vague language is, the more it leads people into trance, because there is less that a person is liable to disagree with or react to. Alternately, more specific language will take a person out of trance. (Note Obama’s use of this specific technique in the “Change” campaign, a word so vague that anybody could read anything into it.)

5. Be wary of permissive language.

“Feel free to relax.” “You’re welcome to test drive this car if you like.” “You can enjoy this as much as you like.” Watch the f*k out for this. This was a major insight of pre-NLP hypnotists like Erickson: the best way to get somebody to do something, including going into a trance, is by allowing them to give you permission to do so. Because of this, skilled hypnotists will NEVER command you outright to do something—i.e. “Go into a trance.” They WILL say things like “Feel free to become as relaxed as you like.”

6. Be wary of gibberish.

Nonsense phrases like “As you release this feeling more and more you will find yourself moving into present alignment with the sound of your success more and more.” This kind of gibberish is the bread and butter of the pacing-and-leading phase of NLP; the hypnotist isn’t actually saying anything, they’re just trying to program your internal emotional states and move you towards where they want you to go. ALWAYS say “Can you be more specific about that” or “Can you explain exactly what you mean?” This does two things: it interrupts this whole technique, and it also forces the conversation into specific language, breaking the trance-inducing use of vague language we discussed in #4.

7. Read between the lines.

NLP people will consistently use language with hidden or layered meanings. For instance “Diet, nutrition and sleep with me are the most important things, don’t you think?” On the surface, if you heard this sentence quickly, it would seem like an obvious statement that you would probably agree with without much thought. Yes, of course diet, nutrition and sleep are important things, sure, and this person’s really into being healthy, that’s great. But what’s the layered-in message? “Diet, nutrition and sleep with me are the most important things, don’t you think?” Yep, and you just unconsciously agreed to it. Skilled NLPers can be incredibly subtle with this.

8. Watch your attention.

Be very careful about zoning out around NLP people—it’s an invitation to leap in with an unconscious cue. Here’s an example: An NLP user who was attempting to get me to write for his blog for free noticed I appeared not to be paying attention and was looking into the distance, and then started using the technique listed in #7 by talking about how he never has to pay for anything because media outlets send him review copies of books and albums for free. “Everything for free,” he began hissing at me. “I get everything. For. Free.” Obvious, no?

9. Don’t agree to anything.

If you find yourself being led to make a quick decision on something, and feel you’re being steered, leave the situation. Wait 24 hours before making any decisions, especially financial ones. Do NOT let yourself get swept up into making an emotional decision in the spur of the moment. Sales people are armed with NLP techniques specifically for engineering impulse buys. Don’t do it. Leave, and use your rational mind.

10. Trust your intuition.

And the foremost and primary rule: If your gut tells you somebody is fucking with you, or you feel uneasy around them, trust it. NLP people almost always seem “off,” dodgy, or like used car salesmen. Flee, or request they show you the respect of not applying NLP techniques when interacting with you.

Hopefully this short guide will be of assistance to you in resisting this annoying and pernicious modern form of black magic. Take it with you on your phone or a printout next time you’re at a used car sales lot, getting signed up for a gym membership, or watching a politician speak on TV. You’ll easily find yourself surprised how you allow yourself to notice more and more NLP techniques… more and more… don’t you think?

Taiki Kanso – the legacy of zen, contemporary meditation..

6 Ways to Break the Hypnotic Spell of the Mainstream Media

6 Ways to Break the Hypnotic Spell of the Mainstream Media

Published by Jason Louv

We love to play Games; they can greatly improve our physical mental and spiritual skills. However be warned, there are a lot of people among us who take our mutual world as their personal playground. They willingly or unwillingly involve you in their private games, risking your precious selfness, health and happiness. 
You should ask yourself: Do I live a life of my own, or are others pulling the strings?

How to write the ancient cleansing formulas?
Preparation for writing the formulas: Take several sheets of paper, a pen or pencil, find a quiet and comfortable place to think and write, and start the cleaning job. You take three sheets of paper and mindfully ponder or meditate over your life history and write down in threefold all your bad habbits, addictions and weaknesses included the ‘mistakes’ which you made in your life or even still make. To clean up 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Here’s six steps to filter out media noise, break the hypnosis of the mainstream media, and get to the information that truly matters.

We used to pay people to filter information for us: these were called professional journalists, writers and artists, whose job it was to dive into the sea of information and come back up with pearls for us. But we don’t pay those people anymore, because the media conglomerates that have consolidated into only a few massive holdings since the 1990s have realized that they don’t have to.

They don’t have to because their interest isn’t providing real information or truth, their interest is in providing content that gets as many people as possible to look at it, in order to get the most advertising money possible, because that’s how they get paid and can afford the salaries and insurance costs of the large staffs they need to do what they do. That’s their daily reality. And so they’re in the business of giving people what they want.

We have no more professional gatekeepers. We are scattered to the four winds, drowning in Facebook feeds or aggregation blogs. These mega-blogs, which we have mistakenly expected to replace mainstream media outlets, are in the same position: largely beholden to the tastes of their audiences, and stuck having to keep people happy with unchallenging, crowd-pleasing content to drive traffic to their site advertisers so that they can eat.

So where does this leave the information-poor individual who hopefully wants to get their head over the waterline enough to start to see the things that actually matter?

It means you have to be your own media gatekeeper. Flat out. You can’t outsource that job to somebody else anymore, because the mainstream media, or the alternative media, or Blog X, Y or Z, are not going to comprehensively do that job for you the way you need it done. They’re too beholden to economics, ratings and their own viewpoints and reality tunnels. And more and more, they’re probably not able to do that job because they’re not properly trained for that job, and I don’t mean just bloggers, because these days very few people who work in the mainstream media have any journalistic training at all. Nobody can get the information you need for you, you’ve got to do it yourself.

Luckily, we’ve got tools that can help us do that. Here’s a few beginning steps:

1. Decide what matters.

Faced with infinite information, you’ve got to decide up front what you’re going to filter for, at least initially. You’ve got to restrict your data to some extent, which sounds counterintuitive, but is necessary. You don’t need more information, you need more information about the things that matter. I suggest that the things that matter are, simply, information that can directly positively effect the welfare of you and your family, and information about the general welfare of the planet.

2. Use web tools to automate your info intake.

Everybody on the web is largely in the same position: grab info from a few news sources (like AP or Reuters) and then recycle it into blog content. They’re using the same tools as you to get their info. So cut out the middleman. I recommend setting up Google Alerts, for a start, to give you info about the issues you actually care about instead of waiting for somebody else to. Beyond that, I highly recommend using an RSS aggregator like Feedly to dump a lot of media outlets into an easy-to-digest feed. Work done upfront will pay off in time saved later. Reddit is also an excellent tool, as long as you stay off the dreaded, time-sucking front page and keep to subreddits pertinent to important topics.

3. Expand outside of your demographic bubble.

Whoever you are, you fit a demographic, which means that the mainstream media specifically tailors content that it knows you will like for the shows you watch and blogs you read, so advertisers can sell you products they’ve determined your demographic buys and use the language and images they know you will respond to, all in order to get you to make that purchase.

Expand out of the box they’ve decided you fit in. Read blogs and consume media from sources outside of your demographic, and that definitely means outside of your political and religious persuasion. Otherwise you’re blinkered not only to things that are going on around you, but also to parts of life you might be ignoring.

4. Read a book.

You still won’t get nearly as good of an info download from months on the Internet as you will from reading a well-researched, info-dense book, a book which, never forget, can represent years or decades of professional research and experience rather than an afternoon spent dashing off a blog post to throw out into the netherworld. Don’t stop reading, and reading better and more challenging books. The Web is really only a menu of culture; don’t forget to eat the meal.

5. Think critically.

Understand what confirmation bias is, and always consider the source of an article. Who wrote this, and what’s their agenda? What are they selling? Do they cite their own sources? Is this from a professional journalist/writer or from some wackadoo or salesman spouting off on the net? To dig deeper, get this excellent, comprehensive primer in critical thinking skills.

6. Meditate.

Sounds potentially hokey, but there is no better discipline for learning how to shut off what is pointless bullshit and go only for what actually matters than meditation, because in learning to control one’s own thoughts internally, dealing with external noise becomes immensely easier.

Taiki Kanso – the legacy of zen, contemporary meditation..

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