Ibiza Natural Tuning retreat, a masterclass in simpleness ;-) 
ZenmaX Body Orientated Mindfulness, Unbridled feeling, moving and thinking. 
Ibiza, Spain, end of October or beginning of November 2021.

ZenmaX Ibiza Natural Tuning retreat machinaal Ibiza October 2015

The retreat offers you six nights accommodation and five days internal martial art training, enriched with qigong and meditation exercises, however the program leaves you enough free time to explore Ibiza and its natural treasures.

Ibiza, Spain in a spacious resort with Tropica ltouch, on a walking distance from a beautiful white sand beach.

The resort has quiet rooms, relaxing terazzes with chillout corners, a large chloor free swimming pool, a Jacuzzi with sea view and a private sauna.
In the large tropical garden there are a spacious open-air dojo for training and a large tipi; you find a private little beach and the blue sea are in the backyard.

The theme of the ZenmaX retreat: 

“ Body Orientated Mindfulness,” BOM, a holistic feel of physical, mental and spiritual awereness. 

The program includes:
* Internal Martial Arts: Taikiken and Tai Chi
* Baduanjin Qigong, Yoga-stretching, meditation and breathing excersises.
* Taoist exercises to clean up the past from blockages!
* Kination: “Imagination and the felt sense” 

* Selfness Re-hab: Autobiographical self, core self and proto self.

Food and drinks: Vegetarian meals, raw bites, detox smoothies and  cleansing refreshments.

Date retreat: October/November  2021   

Location: Ibiza, Spain

Price: € 900 - € 1100,- p.p. / week (depending on the room: shared or single) Including all training with Vegetarian food,  raw delights, detox smoothies and  cleansing refreshments; (excl. travel expenses)

Specials for Ibiza residents: 
We offer passe-partouts for
two, three and five days participation, including all training, Vegetarian meals, raw delights, detox smoothies and cleansing refreshments. 

One full day all-in   € 125,- p.p
Two full days all-in   € 200,- p.p.
Three full days all-in € 295,- p.p
Five full days all-in   € 475,- p.p.

For interesting discounts, families and groups of friends, mail to 

Registration for October is now open, we have a limited number of rooms available, so if you want to join us in please fill in the online registration form

Standing like a Rock, naturally strong in all directions!

ZenmaX Ritsuzen (standing meditation training), extending your natural space using Hunyuan li, the omni directional force, giving strength to  all directions, recieving strength from all directions! Energizing Natural Tuning session at Es Vedra, the worlds third strongest magnetic spot! Ibiza 2015

Taikiken Natural Tuning week Czech Rep. 2022

The Taikiken Natural Tuning week is from 31 July till 6 August 2022 Taikiken is practical martial art, combining self-defense, focus, coordination and meditation in one. Training in an ancient forest, using proven martial arts exercises to work on your selfness and rediscover and strengthen your innate physical and mental talents and abilities. The Taikiken workshop is for adults with a good general physical and mental condition and is suitable same for beginners as for persons with advanced skills in a martial art / sport. Experience with an martial art is not necessary! 
Price: € 575,- p.p. / week (double room)
Registration is open!

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