TheFeel group Natural Tuning-intermezzo at Afkes magic Yoga retreat Ibiza

Book an Ibiza style energizing ZenmaX martial art - qigong intermezzo, or group balancing session for your yoga retreat, or any other workshop or seminar.  We offer complete workshops from 1,5 hour to a whole morning, afternoon or evening program at the location of your wish. Our energizing intermezzos and workshops are also available a family tuning event at your private location or as a management training at your company. Special offers for spa’s, healthclubs and hotels on Ibiza and formentera contact us for more info …..

ZenmaX group balancing and energetic intermezzos- or yoga-retreats and workshops

ZenmaX energizing martial art intermezzos, taking your natural space by showing and defending your personal boundaries in a form of playful sparring. Coordination, focus, balance and speed are tested! Photo’s

ZenmaX martial art intemezzo at Afkes magic yoga retreat Casa Gazebo Ibiza!

ZenmaX parents and child introduction to internal and external martial art training. Great opportunity to see your child in interaction with other children and parents. Great learning experience to see your child interactions and hidden talents. Photo’s

TheFeel energetic intermezzos and Natural Tuning sessions for Yoga retreats and family tuning!

ZenmaX Ibiza style intermezzos, bringing nerves back a life, energizing excersises that feel like an interactive Reiki session! Working with the omnidirectional force, Radiating strength in all directions, receiving strength from all directions. Sometimes you just need that little extra attention and support to get in tune with your natural self. Photo’s

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